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Entry #1

My new awesome channel! :D

2011-01-14 10:41:41 by xJellyNutzx

Oh hi there! :D
This is my new channel, where I'll post some of my flashees.
So beware OneyNG & egoraptor >:D


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2011-01-15 09:38:41

Good luck hope to see your flashes improvement :)

xJellyNutzx responds:

Thank you!!!
I've been busy already with another portal 2 flashee!
I work very hard on the detail :p

P.S. Is there a subscribe button like that on youtube?


2011-01-16 08:59:21

yo can add people to ur favourites list m8 add me i'm makin more flashes now


2011-06-16 01:37:29

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